Traffic Signal Change Explained


Paris, Tenn.—With complaints being heard about changing the traffic light at Porter and Wood Streets to a flashing light instead of the existing traffic light, the city of Paris has issued an explanation of its decision.

The statement from the city of Paris reads: “When all of the lights in the downtown and surrounding area were installed many years ago they were “looped” together. Since that time these traffic lights have become obsolete. Due to the fact that they are all connected, all lights must be replaced at the same time. To replace all of the lights at once will be a very costly project and one that we must plan for over a period of time. In the short term we have had to make a tough decision to remove one or more lights to use as parts to keep the downtown system working as necessary. This is not an ideal situation and not an easy decision.”

City officials said they are currently in the process of changing the timing on the traffic light at Irvine and Wood Streets to help alleviate the issues and delays experienced when attempting to access Wood Street.

Photo by Shannon McFarlin