Cherry Jones Appears On “Today” Show

Paris, Tenn.–Paris’ own Cherry Jones was on “The Today Show” this morning to publicize the new Broadway play in which she stars, “The Lifespan of Fact”.

She appeared along with the other two stars of the play–Daniel Radcliffe and Bobby Cannavale. The play will begin performances Sept. 20 and will open October 18 at Studio 54 on Broadway.

In the play, Radcliffe plays a scrupulous fact-checker, Cannavale plays the essayist and Jones plays the magazine editor. The play was adapted from a 2012 book about a real-life suiciden of an adolescent and the editing that was involved in the magazine’s publication of the story.

On their Today Show appearance, the three were interviewed by Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb.

Jones, Cannavale and Radcliffe are all veterans of Broadway. Cherry Jones has won two Best Actress Tony Awards and a Emmy. Radliffe was the star of all of the Harry Potter movies. Cannavale is best known for his appearances on numerous television shows, including Will & Grace and Modern Family.


Screen shot by Joe Routon.